Posted by: cctracker | February 13, 2012

Late Winter Night

Winter came back at last this afternoon in fat flakes. Heavy enough to stay down and pile up. Wet enough to stick to everything. But I couldn’t look at it much today. As night came on, I couldn’t even think much, about anything. Didn’t know what I knew. Just wanted to shake off the cold and wet, come indoors. Though we haven’t had much winter this year, it was still a late winter night in my soul.

Then the three-year old boy next store came to see us, in a shaggy moonsuit. He gave us one full- faced smile before he went on ploughing thick frosting off all the birthday cakes on our porch rail.

I’m not going back out there tonight. And I still feel thick and slow. But I am glad, again, for winter.

Illustration from Jane Yolen's "Owl Moon"

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