Posted by: cctracker | August 20, 2012

Double Turns the iPad Into a Telepresence Robot –

Double Turns the iPad Into a Telepresence Robot –

When I see an innovative form of technology for the first time, I’m usually thinking: “Very clever, but I was expecting that.”

Then I encounter technology like this.

A screen on wheels stopping by a office cubicle for a chat . A disembodied head on a screen taking in an exhibit at a museum.

 How long before we see groups of screens on wheels walking along cafe sidewalks to reserve a table?

I didn’t see this coming so soon, but I should have.

I’ve spoken to groups about how quickly virtual experience is replacing our embodied presence in the world. I’ve talked about how important it is that the conversation about what makes human life meaningful and rewarding and what encourages people to be responsible and respectful of one another go forward in step with the technology. Drone strikes come to mind as another example of why.

The need for this conversation bears in on me more and more everyday. This technology makes me wonder if keeping up will be possible.


  1. I no longer want to try to keep up. We have too little face time as it is. Let’s go play outside…

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